“EFT (Electro Free Trio) is a bold attempt to fuse free improvisation and real-time electronics, drawing on its members experiences—guitarist Ido Bukelman, drummer Ofer Bymel and electronic artist Daniel Davidovsky—in the fields of free jazz, rock and noise”
– Eyal Hareuveni (All About Jazz)

“Fierce guitar-fueled improvisation from Tel Aviv but where Ido Bukelman drops off and Daniel Davidovsky steps in on electronics is blurred beautifully. Often I bolted my ears to Ofer Bymel’s drums, and then just enjoyed the ride through shrill hills of feedback and lightning sprawls of sound… Bukelman lays down the electric guitar to jangle mangle on acoustic for a bit, drifting into a softer phase of harmonics versus miniature dissonants. ”
– Thurston Hunger on KFJC 89.7 fm

“…Probably the most adventurous music ensemble on the local scene, the trio presents a completely unique amalgam of Noise, high power distorted Rock, Jazzy improvisations and a plethora of electronically generated sounds, all these spontaneously created during a process of telepathic musical conversation.”
– Adam Baruch, Jazzis.com